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MOTORMANREV´IT! momoshark helmets
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Since 2004, Motorman has set a trend in the Argentine market for motorcyclist apparel. Until then, the concept of protective clothing was practically unknown locally. Excellent quality, comfort and style are the words that best describe each of Motorman’s products. Visit our web site and you will see our complete assortment, colours and sizes:

As from 2009, Baires Motocorp has the exclusive distribution for REV´IT! in Argentina. REV´IT! is the premium Dutch brand for motorcyclist’s apparel recognized worldwide. For further information about the brand, products and dealers in Argentina visit

In 2009 Twiins, a Spanish brand specialized Bluetooth Helmet Communications Systems with intercom and stereo sound, is also added to Baires Motocorp´s brand portfolio. For additional information click on

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